Saturday, July 31, 2004

Wanted: Room mate - dead or alive (preferably alive)

Dead room mates tend to stink and when their bodies decompose it would be kinda creepy. You know, he's really getting his stink on one night really late and you're trying to sleep cause you've got work really early in the morning. You get out of bed, can't see a thing, step out into the hall, open his door and just about pass out (partially cause a decomposed dead guy in the middle of the night can scare just about anybody and partially cause of the stink) cause you have a rotting roomate there staring blankly at you when you tell him to use more deoderant or to go bury himself under a tree or something. So now you know why I would prefer a living roomate.

It looks like the chances of getting a spot at "the hizzle" are slim to none, and Andre is staying at his parents place, sooo now I need to find somebody, anybody else to cohabitate with for the next little while. Problem is that 1. they really should be living, or atleast after they've woken up 2. they have to be male (that whole living with chicks thing would be wrong and involve way to much drama, ugh!) 3. preferably somebody who is a Christian and loves the Lord (just makes things a bit easier that way, ya know?) 4. and finally somebody who has a decent job where they make decent money to help pay the bills. Oh yeah, and the problem is that it's not that easy to find a guy not to mention a couple of them that are like that. (it seems kind of strange that I'm looking for "the guy" or guys instead of "the girl"). Hmm, is God saying something?? LOL, don't think so.

I've got about a month left here at mi casa before my parents come back from the Hopi Rez and I really want to get out on my own now. Can't afford to do it solo, nor would I want to. It's more of an adventure to have good buddies along for the ride, problem is most of mine are either married, getting married, or are content with kickin it with their parents for a few more years.

God help! I know there've got to be a few good men out there who need a room mate. Help our paths to cross.

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