Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Dead animal flesh and things that go BOOM!

That's right, it's the 4th of July, or atleast it was. After a very long, sleepless in Phoenix weekend, I finally was going to have a good time. My bro Micah and his wife Chrissy invited me and and 2 buddies over to watch fireworks on their roof. Central Christian was only a mile away and was having a big display. I invited my buddy Mike (who used to go worship with a large group of us at the lake every sunday) and his girlfriend Christine. Andre and I had to run back to the house to get the grill cause I forgot it. See what lack of sleep can do to a guy. Anyway, when we got back to Micah and Chrissy's, we found that Ducky was there and Mike and Christine were right behind us. We fired up the grill, tossed some dead cow on it and some dead pig ribs that were slathered in BBQ sauce. Mmm, dead animal flesh. Now, the 4th wouldn't be complete without fireworks. Fortunately Micah still had a huge pack of bottle rockets. This is were things got interesting. We decided to tape a bunch of them together. The funny thing is that the fuses don't burn at the same speed. This caused quite a ruckus as about 15 bottle rockets started bouncing off the wall, roof, and yard while spraying sparks everywhere, then finally ending in a bang. Unfortunately one of the rather large sparks found its way onto the swing cushion and started burning a hole in it. Me, being the bright fire fighter that I am, tried to smash the burning little hole between the two fingers of my left hand. The problem was that I was holding a beer in my left hand, which ended up all over the cushion. The only thing we learned was that we needed to do it bigger and better. After the food was finished we ate in haste knowing that the fireworks would begin soon. As we all scrambled up onto the roof, you could hear the loud cheers and yells of other neighbors as they lit off fireworks from their roof. Not to be out done, we started launching dozens of bottle rockets at them. Ah the good times. Unfortunately I had to work the next day so my night stayed young. Hope everyone else had a kickin Independence day, and I also hope none of you were unlucky enough to find a stray bullet falling from the sky.


Luke said...

AH! You crack me up! Love you bro. LK

David Killough said...

Wish you could have been here.