Saturday, October 08, 2005

Blessings of God 2

I'm just amazed sometimes at how God really does take care of us and provide for us. This comes to mind because recently I've been looking for a Toyota Tacoma to buy and a buyer for my Scout. Well, I finally found the Tacoma (praise God) and it has been a great truck. There are a few little issues I need to get straightened out, but I'm just happy to not be driving the Scout. Once I bought my Tacoma I was looking for a way to sell my Scout. I knew that it would be a while in the truck trader because it's a vehicle for a very niche market. That didn't give me a lot of hope, so I prayed and had others pray that my truck would sell fast and for a decent amount of money. I bought my Tacoma on a thursday and 2 days later a climbing buddy of mine calls me up on saturday morning and asks how I'm doing and if I'm still selling my Scout. I'm kinda stunned at the randomness of the phone call, but told him about my recent purchase and what I was asking for the Scout. He had moved to Tuscon and wanted something to go offroading with his family in, but his kids were to young for quads. He bought it a couple days later for $3,700 which is a decent price that seemed like something we could both live with. His family is loving the Scout and have been doing a lot of 4 wheeling in it. I'm glad it's found a good home.

The biggest thing is that a friend who didn't have my number and who I hadn't talked to in months calls me up out of the blue and buys my Scout. That's God, no if's, and's or but's about it. That gave me money for a new computer and money to refinance my truck loan in 6 months. God has also blessed me relationally with great friends and family. I pray that I can do rightly by Him and be who He has called me to be. That I can be the kind of son, brother, grandson, friend and employee that reflects the love of Christ and is always willing to serve others. Help me to know what it is like to be a follower of Christ. Teach me your ways, may the dust from your feet cover me.