Wednesday, June 30, 2004

I sure have found it difficult to find time to post on this spot. My days are very busy. Wake at 5:00 to be at work by 6:00 then get off at 3:30 and work on the house. It's been a long day. I did get a call on my truck though after I got home. The guy seemed interested, but wanted to talk for quite a while about his old truck and other endless ramblings. Meantime I had to be at the Lott's to watch Allison and Drew so Kevin and Kathy could visit Kathy's mom in the hospital. Hopefully this guy will buy the Scout for the money I'm asking so I can buy a Super Duty. It's funny how before I decided to sell my Scout I was pretty attached to it. Now that I've decided not only in my mind but also in my heart to sell it, I've become detached, but for some reason it won't detach from me. Isn't it ironic? Don't ya think? A little too ironic...

I sure wish I had the time to record all of my thoughts. On the way to work I think about all kinds of interesting things as well as on the way back. I was just thinking about how interesting it is that people often use earthly things to attract friends or people of the opposite sex. It seems that every time me or someone I know tries something silly like that you get exactly what you have. You get a boyfriend/girlfriend or friends that are shallow and are interested in either your earthly possesions, your physical image or any of those other things that fade and do not last. On the contrary when you use the fruits of the spirit, the presence of the Lord, character, integrity, purity and so on, you find that you'll attract people that have depth and will build you up in your relationship with Christ.

Lord let those who come to me, come out of an attraction to you. Even if it means that I am to be poor and broken and at a loss for all the things the world holds dear, let them see you and be attracted by you. I have nothing that is worth anything to offer anyone that they can't get somewhere else. You are all I have that is worth anything. You are the only One true thing that will always stay the same. Help me to better understand that, and help others to see that as well.

Saturday, June 26, 2004

Obey and Understand

I recently have been checking out my bro's blog spot and was quite distressed by some posts 2 moms made. One claimed to have known my family for some time. The worst thing was that as a friend they didn't openly confront Luke about what they feel was a bad decision, and then went on to bash him in a way that was totally un-Christ like. If you have an issue with someone, you confront them, you don't hide behind a mask as if you were afraid to be recognized as the one making the comment. Be open and honest, which leads me to my request/point. I encourage anyone and everyone who reads this and any other blogs I post, to respond openly and honestly. You are entitled to your opinion even if it is different than mine. The important thing is that you openly would take the risk as a friend or total stranger to speak into my life knowing that what you say may or may not be popular. Remember, many people in the past were used by God to say things that were often very unpopular and would possibly get them killed, but they did it out of obediance to God. They didn't always understand why God had them say things or do things, but they did His will anyway. Please, if God ever puts it on any of your hearts to say something odd, difficult, encouraging, or whatever to me or anyone else for that matter, please step out in faith and take a risk.