Friday, April 15, 2005

Blessings of God

What a day. Went down to the doc's office and picked up a prescription for 3 months of depakote (seizure meds), and the kind lady gave me some samples to get me by until the meds come in. This means that I won't need COBRA and will save the money that I would have spent. This is awesome! My dad went with me to cosign on a loan to buy a 4 dr. Tacoma TRD, but we won't find out until probably tomorrow whether or not it will go through. I believe it will, but we'll wait and see. So my dad and I went to go grab some Rubio's before the extremely awesome Worship Gathering ( that just ended. While I was parking this guy comes up and starts going off on how cool my Scout is. Asks a bunch of questions which I was of course more than willing to answer, and asked if I'd sell it. I said it was for sale and told him how much. He was stoked, asked for my number and said he'd call me. Now I don't put a lot of stock in words, but I haven't even been advertising, and he asked me if I would sell it, I didn't tell him. Lord help him to buy it. =)

The worship gathering was awesome. I can't even begin to think of other words to describe it. I was singing and enjoying worship and then when they did a song I knew differently I was caught going through the motions. There was a short break where there normally wouldn't have been and my hands went up and my heart went down. I was crushed, stripped bare realizing that my song was from the flesh and was not in Spirit and in Truth. I was being fake. Broken I closed my eyes, sealed my lips, put forth my hands, prayed and waited. I cryed and asked God for forgiveness. I could not open my mouth to sing anymore until it was from my spirit to His, and it was in Truth, and not a product of memory. I waited and prayed. Kathy Lott taught us how to sing a simple song in sign. That was the ticket. I broke down as I signed this song and sealed my lips. I wrote on the wall what the Lord was saying to me then wrote my prayer to Him. The rest of then night I worshiped Him with such fervor and joy. Aah, it was incredible.

Lord thank you for showing me this. Continue to show me these things that are hidden in my heart. Reveal the things in me that are not of You, and destroy them. Make me like You, let me live and worship in Spirit and in Truth.

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God always takes care of us.