Monday, April 11, 2005

Blessings, a New beginning, and an End

Recently Paul and Robert have been clueing me in on a job at ACE that they both thought that I would be good at. At first I was unsure because I felt a loyalty to the company I work for, I knew that they needed me, and would do almost anything to keep me. They had taken care of me, and given me two raises one for each review. On the other hand I saw what God has done through Paul and Robert and how He's blessed them there and suddenly I felt like a dog with 2 bones. I was quite content with the bone I had, it was good and treated me well. But suddenly a bigger, better bone showed up and I started wanting that one. I wasn't content anymore with the bone I had. I began to think too much about the other bone and my work began to suffer. My boss even noticed it and asked if I was okay. I had to put an end to it right there. Called close friends and talked to family and had them pray for me. So I went to ACE interviewed with Robert and we decided that until God gave both of us peace about the issue, that we should wait. With people still praying, I thought about it more and more, and asked God to speak clearly. Clearly isn't what I got, but I did began to think in terms of what I believe God's future is for me and how I should go about accomplishing it. ACE seemed the clear choice for better provision financially, less stress on my body (foot is beginning to hurt again), more chances to move up and around, and a chance to learn lots of new stuff on the other side of what I'm used to doing.

So Robert called me today and said that they would like to bring me aboard. When I pass the drug test, ACE asphalt will become my new employer. Now the hard part. Breaking ties with current employer. I like my boss and some of the people at PW Athletic. They are coming into the busy season quickly and my leaving will really put them into a fix. None the less, I know what needs to be done, and I feel with more certainty now that God has provided this job at ACE asphalt for me so that I can give my body rest, so I can save money for missions, a house, and maybe even a family. None of these are possible at PW. It will be hard to tell my boss, but I'm sure he will understand. Many of the others won't. I hope they do. I know for certain that Wayne (owner) will. He's a Christian and will understand that the end goal justifies the means. He knows that missions and the aggressive advancement of God's kingdom is my heart and that I'll do what needs to be done in order to see those things accomplished.

Lord give me wisdom as I talk with Bobby and Wayne. Help them all to understand. I pray that You'll provide them with some more good employees who'll learn quickly and work hard so that the stress of the busy season won't be so great. Please put Your words in my mouth as I turn in my 2 weeks. I know it will be hard for me to say and them to hear, but please be in our midst and give them understanding. Help me be a blessing to ACE and to work hard as unto You. Help me to learn quickly, and never tire from doing what seems so foreign to me as I spend 40 hrs. a week behind a computer. May Your hand guide and direct me, Your mouth speak through me, and Your Spirit be with me. Lord bless Your servant as I walk out my life in humble obediance the best I knows how. Teach me Your word that I may obey, give me an undivided heart that I may love and serve only You. Let me see through Your eyes, though I should never see again. Let me hear through Your ears though I should spend my days deaf. Let my hands heal the broken, weary, and sick, though they should never function right again. Let me feel Your presence though I should never feel again. Lord let me continually live in Your Spirit, though I should never live again. Kill me.


Dad said...

Congratulations son. What you have to do now, turning in your notice, is never easy at a place where you are appreciated. I will be praying for you. When do you think you will tell them?


Luke said...

Congrat's bro. I'm sure they'll understand. A good company never likes to let go of a good employee, but they all realize in the end that you have to do what you believe to be best. I've done it several times...I know that sounds bad, but I've left a lot of places that really felt like home, and each one of them has wished me well, and welcomed me back at any time (I even got parting gifts from allegro), and I'm sure the same offer will aply to you. Love you Bro. God Bless. See ya in a couple days.