Tuesday, February 07, 2006


I've been following for a short time this blog by a girl named Ellen. Her latest post is a must read. It's about living an integrated life for Christ. It really does sound weird from an earthly perspective, and even foolish, but God has so mightily used the foolish things of this world to confound the wise and make His Name famous. If He used the wisdom of this world, we would boast in our wisdom, but we cannot boast in anything other than Christ, because He doesn't use our wisdom, but our weakness. We must have complete faith, faith that is crazy and doesn't make sense. Stop using our brain so much to rationalize things, and trust God with EVERYTHING. Live a life of reckless abandon for Christ, trusting him for everything.

You may not make sense of what inspired me to write all of that until you read this post. So here you all go, it's called "Integration": http://ellenjoy.blogspot.com/


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