Saturday, February 25, 2006

Col. 3:18-21

Col. 3:18-21

This passage of scripture is one that I believe is abused more than any other. More husbands, wives, and children misread this text and misinterpret what Paul intended for it to mean than any other scripture in my opinion. Why this one? Because Paul instructs the above on how they are to live in regards to each other.

Most wives read Col. 3:19 and tell their husbands that they are to love them as Christ loved the church and not to be harsh with them. This only exacerbates the men and ticks them off. Most husbands read Col. 3:18 and tell their wives to submit to them because it is fitting in the Lord. Then they go on to talk about how Christ is the head of the church and the husband is the head of the household. This only pushes their wives farther from them relationally. Most parents read Col. 3:20 and tell their kids to be obedient because it pleases the Lord. Though this is correct, if the above is not being lived out correctly, the kids are not going to listen and will retort with Col. 3:21 telling their fathers that they shouldn’t emitter their children so that they won’t become discouraged or even rebellious.

The above is the western translation of a great piece of scripture. However, I find that everyone is reading the wrong scripture. Paul wrote Col. 3:18 for wives to read, not husbands. Col. 3:19 was written for husbands to read, not wives. Col. 3:20 was written for children to read and learn from, not for parents to harshly enforce. And Col. 3:21 was written for fathers (and I would include mothers in this day and age) to read on how they should treat their children.

If a wife submits to her husband, her husband will find it easy to love his wife because she respects him and trusts his judgement. And if a husband loves his wife, she will find it easy to submit to him because he cares about what she thinks and feels and will take all of her thoughts into consideration. If parents encourage their children and raise them up in the admonition of the Lord, they will have demonstrated proper living and will have children who trust them and will obey them.

Each verse though written together might as well have been written separately for men, women and children. Which verse are you reading?


Andre said...

Very well said David. Are you guys going over Paul's Epistles? Hope you are doing well. Love you Bro

David Killough said...

Ya we are. It's been a long time, and I'm sooo ready to be done. How was the men's retreat? Call me
Love ya bro!

Shay said...

That's a great way of looking at it!