Saturday, November 05, 2005

Update police, back off

I have a post, back off, I know how to use it!!

I had a moment after I finished doing some work at work, off the clock of course to respond to a post that Obie www. made on holloween. I absolutely had to post on that so if you want to see my latest wonderings and rants, go there. Hopefully my wireless will be up soon and the I can post at the wee hours of the morning or late hours of the evening. Blessings to all!


Sojourner said...

That is quite a debate going on there. The enemy is incredibly deceptive, he will use anything to turn our eyes from our Lord for even a second.

And if you agree to get dressed up, to celebrate this holiday as the world does, giving into the appearance of innocence, where do you draw the line? Even if as adults or mature Christians you know where that line is, how do you keep children or those you are witnessing to from going too far, from searching and stumbling into something that could be eternally harmful for them. It appears to be fun, so dive in, but what if one can't turn back? The darkness can be so alluring.

Any sin that one becomes bound in typically started out with innocent fun, a casual friendship...then a little compromise, curiosity, etc. And Satan has the hold he desires.

David Killough said...

Well said.

Luke said...

Hey Bro! Sorry to hear about your internet problems...wireless is the bomb! Anyway, as an embassador of the update police, I hereby unshun you for updating. However, this is only a temporary removal, and you are on probation until further posts have been Really though, you should go over to mom and dad's if you have to...that's a good excuse to go see them, and to blog.

Love you man.

Anonymous said...

Well Said Luke.

Love MOM :D

Shay said...

Currently, our family goes through the Halloween thing. I see both sides. I think that it glorifies God to have neighbors come together in this giving kind of spirit. When I take my kids trick-or-treating everyone is so great to each other and excited to talk and interact. Why isn't it like this all the time, anyways? Why only on a dumb holiday like Halloween?

Other than that I can't see as it glorifies God, but it's not all harmful. If it's about evil spirits for someone else, okay, but I refuse to give power to the enemy by making something like simple pumpkin artwork about evil. I do not believe this in my heart and that is what matters to God. (okay, well, and if you are actually committing a sin, it also matters) These things are just fun traditions for people who weren't raised without Halloween. Oh yeah, and also a time when family comes together for those of us who don't see our families a lot. I wish people who were raised as Christians withour Halloween would try to understand that!

I do see where we can cross a line, however, especially for those of us who have been wrapped up in something like metaphysics or witchcraft. Dressing up a certain way and doing certain things brings back certain memories. I, myself, was having a hard time this year and I do understand how you can be a Christian, not really intentionally doing evil, but just grazing the edge of that "line".

I will have to consider this further. This is the first year I've dealt with this Halloween "debate". I think the Harvest Festival and dressing like things that are not like witches, ghosts, etc... is a good compromise.

Anonymous said...

Shay brought up something that I will briefly comment on...Those who have been deeply involved in Satanism and know all the deep meanings of the "day" in discussion and have become Christians...(from my experience from talking with them) will not touch Halloween with a ten foot pole...because they Know...the things the average person does not know. That is all I will say really don't want to get sucked into much debate. Just another thought.


Anonymous said...

Just to clarify...I am not talking lite involvement here ...I am talking deep occult activity.

serfergirl180 said...

hey david whats up? did you like all the dessert me and Chrissy made at thanks giving? haha ok well ttyl! -tiffany