Thursday, November 24, 2005

The Provision of God

Recently I was invited to a missions conference in Cape Canaveral, FL. This conference is the annual missions conference for Overland Missions alumni, staff, and people who have a heart and passion for the advancement of God's Kingdom throughout the entire world. David Phillips, one of the staff there set me up with a place to stay should I decide to come, and after considering it and talking with David some more I decided I would try and get the time off of work. My thoughts were, if things come together than perhaps God is behind this, if not, then I will continue to wait.

Well last friday I met with a group of Christians at my work (Ace Asphalt(which we do every friday)) and were telling them how I wanted to go to this missions conference and asked if they would keep that in their prayers. Well I found out that getting the unpaid time off wasn't a problem, so I asked that they would pray for a cheap plane ticket despite the holiday season.

Later that day, one of my buddies calls me into his office and tells me that him and another buddy of mine have decided to sponsor me to go there. I was shocked to say the least. I haven't asked anyone for a dime and people are coming to me to sponsor me just to go to a missions conference. I was extremely encouraged that I had they're prayers and support without even asking for it.

So now I'm searching for a plane ticket. What I need is people to pray that I'll get an incredible deal on a plane ticket that leaves during the morning of the 27th so I can arrive in mid afternoon, and leaves around noon of the 2nd, so I don't get home to late. Also continued prayer that God would really speak to me at the conference and that I'd build lots of strong relationships there as well.

Lord, I thank You that You've given me such a great calling and put me around such great Christian friends who believe that what I feel called to do is something that is worth supporting, and that by investing their resources into me, they are investing them into advancing Your Kingdom. Please continue to direct me and give me patience as I walk down this seemingly long road that You've decided that I should walk. Help me to listen and hear You, and obey what You say. I love You Jesus, and I need You to live Your life through me.


Luke said...

Hey man. That's awesome. Those are some good bro's deciding to sponsor you. Not just cause they did, but because we both know them and know their cool. Anyway, let me know how your flight search goes. Love ya bro.

David Killough said...

will do

Shay said...

That is wonderful! We will keep you in our prayers.

Sheeztrue said...

Btw David, Thanks for all your help getting Dad ready for his trip to Pakistan. You are always there when we need you. And I guarantee Dad needed your input and advise (and all the other help!) on this trip because backpacking is new to him, and this will be rough terrain.
Wish you and Luke could have gone with hime...Micah of course too but he is of course on his own faraway adventure...but then so are you guys everyday. :D You know you reap what you sow and you sow alot! Thanks so much- again.

Love you Mom

David Killough said...

You and dad have taken care of the 3 of us for a long time. Now it's finally our turn to give back to you all that God has given to us through you. It is our God given right to take care of you 2 and it is a pleasure to partner as much as is possible with what God is doing in your lives. Love you both!

Sheeztrue said...

:)Thanks David! Love YOU! Ok since it is your turn to take care of us...while Dad is gone I want to go to a movie.... lol

serfergirl180 said...

het whats up david? hows it going? i just wanted to say hi! im probly gonna go watch a movie so ttyl! bye! i miss micah and chrissy and joshua! wahhh!! haha i miss working with micah too! haha

Sheeztrue said...

David go to my blog for the updates on Pakistan...M&C also updated on their blog as well ...I copied it to mine as well. Tried to call you.
Call me. Love mom

Tiffany said...

Hey there Dave! I am finally on Blog... First in a long time. Don't know really how to make it look as cool as yours looks. K... have a gr-8 day! CONGRATS LUKE!