Tuesday, April 12, 2005

The Beginning of the End

I turned in my 2 weeks this morning. I've been praying that God would be there and would speak through me. I prayed and sang on the way to work today, ushering in the presence of God. The first thing I did after clocking in was talk to my boss. The news came out in a way that seemed as if it was well thought out, though it was all spur of the moment. My boss took it well. He asked if there was a bidding war and if there was that he would out bid ACE. I told him there wasn't, then gave him my three main reasons for leaving.

1. ACE offers advancement opportunities that will teach me more cool new things, help me grow, and provide for me better financially.

2. The immediate and hopefully future financial gains will allow me to put away money for missions, save money to buy a house, and give me the financial support necessary to support a family when the time comes.

3. The end that I believe God has called me to (missions) seems best accomplished by the means of employment at ACE Asphalt. I've seen God's hand on Paul and Robert and I have no doubt that it is also on the company in part because the founder is a God fearing man who is aggressively advancing the Kingdom of God throughout the world.

The day went well after that. I worked hard, efficiently and I felt the Spirit on me. Despite my left foot hurting, I had some bounce in my step.

It will be nice to give my body a physical rest and to treat my ears, eyes, lungs, feet, and everything else much better. Now I've got to devise a way to stay in shape while sitting at a desk. I think a climbing membership is in order.


friend said...

Sounds like a good/God thing.

David Killough said...

Ya I would agree with that. This next three months is going to be trying though. I'll have to go back onto COBRA medical insurance which is around $300/month, and I'm looking into buying a TRD Tacoma in the next 2 weeks and selling the Scout. I feel like I'm going to be living on the financial edge here for a couple months. Trusting the Lord to provide though.

Luke said...

Glad to hear things went well Bro!
I'll be praying 4 your finances. See you in four days!

Love you brother

..Aclimbing membership sounds awesome!

The Commander said...

Shiver me timbers!!! Whats this I hear... you're going to work for ACE?

I wish you the best there, captain David!

God Bless,