Sunday, April 16, 2006

My First Song

I'm calling can you hear Me?
Come join Me at my side
Come and know forgiveness
Come and know true life

Would you give it all away?
Could you trade it all today?
Would you give it all for One thing?
Would you give it all for Me?

I'm calling are you listening?
The banquet is inside
Better things await you
If you'll surrender your life

Well I gave it all away
I died on the cross that day
I gave it all for one thing
I gave it all for you

Will you give it all away?
Will you trade it in today?
Will you give it all for the Only thing?
Will you give your life for Me?


Luke said...

Hey bro! Very cool. I'm interested in hearing the music to it...I guess I'll just have to fly down and listen...

No really, I wish I could...maybe soon enough. Love ya David.

David Killough said...

Thanks bro. I've got to figure out how to record it on my pc and do an audio blog like you did. Did you mic your guitar or plug it in to the PC somehow or just go straight acoustic? I'd love for you to fly down sometime. Summer is getting close and mom and Dad will be back in time to see the baby. You should come down too.

Shay said...

Great lyrics and a great song! I'm glad I got to hear it. Thank you. Hopefully you can get one of those audio thingys on your blog.

David Killough said...

Thanks Shannon. Thanks for letting me play it for you and Terry. Keep playing on that piano and you'll come up with songs one day too. See ya tues!

Luke said...

Hey man...I just set my phone on the table and played while it recorded the audioblog. I like the newer ones The qualities a little better. Do whatcha gotta do though. Lvoe ya man!

friend said...

that is so cool

David Killough said...

Thanks Ben! I recently wrote another, but I've got a wee bit more work on that one. Mainly I've got to remember the rythm. Doh!

serfergirl180 said...

david, cool song! hope i can hear it some time! i wanted to tell u that u should look at my blog cause i got a great pic of u and my dad there! they are hilarious! my dad helped me do it. ok well ill talk to u later!
Love, Tiffany

Ellen said...

umm, so this is weird and really unrelated to your song =]
I finally got around to logging onto blogger and thinking about posting all the craziness that's happened recently (daggum, but its been nearly a year) and then realized I had never even responded to your last comments. I still don't know how you even found my blog - I never told any of my friends in Atlanta about it, so I'm pretty sure its just you and now some of your friends who's reading. At any rate, its on my heart to recommend a book to you, brother. I don't know if your reading list is as long as mine... but if you haven't read it already: The Irresistible Revolution by Shane Claiborne.
Blessings and a prayer for you and your journey.