Tuesday, January 17, 2006

His Kingdom Come

A week or so ago, I dropped off my buddy Jared we hung out and he spent his week off at work with Paul and I. I went into his dad's apt., and we talked awhile. His dad (Bill Shipman) was so proud of what his son Jared had done and how quickly he had picked up the art of doing a take off. We spent about an hour catching up and talking. Bill was telling me how he was in serious pain because of either gall stones or something was wrong with his liver. He said they did an ultra sound to check for stones, but the results hadn't come back. If it wasn't stones then there was something seriously wrong. Well before I left, I told Bill that one of the reasons I had come in was that I wanted to pray for him. He certainly wasn't against it, so I did. He said he didn't feel anything, so I prayed again and then went on my way. Well tonight he tells me that the following morning he woke up and felt no pain!!! His jaundice was gone, finger nails returned to normal color, and eyes were clear again. The test results came back negative that there were no stones which indicated a serious problem with his liver. The doctor did another check to see if the mass that was there before was still there and it was gone.

GOD HEALED BILL!!!! His Kingdom came into that apartment and invaded his body healing it from the liver problems and removing the mass. Not only that, but God provided for him in numerous other ways including providing a lift for his wheel chair. The people of God acted with one heart and mind in Christ and did what the people of God are supposed to do. Provide for those in need. I was so stoked about hearing this from Bill.

I strongly feel that as I continue to step out in faith, that the Lord will use me more and more and these kinds of occurences will become the rule more than the exception. His Kingdome is breaking in, and is looking for willing vessels to lay hold of it and aggressively advance it. There are marching orders to follow though, and we have to be obediant to them if we are to have a part in the Army of God. Jesus said "If you love me you will obey my commandments". As we do this, the Spirit of God will come upon us because we are willing to lay aside our rights, pride, and life so that His Kingdom, and His Agenda can be advanced.

I ask those of you whose hearts are stirred by this, join me and let us be the violent ones who take hold of the Kingdom of God and aggressively advance it with little regard to our own lives here on earth. Let us pour ourselves out upon the nations so that through our sacrifice this world will be consumed by the Fire of God which no one and nothing can put out or stop.

Lord, may Your Kingdom come, here now in my life, on this earth, and may Your will be accomplished in my life and on this earth as it is in Heaven.


Sheeztrue said...

POWERFUL WORD DAVID!!! I am Definately stirred by it. And PRAISE GOD for Bills healing! PRAISE GOD for your obedient heart!
Let us All walk in those ways!

Love you!! :D

Tiffany said...

David, It really makes me want to join with you in the "Kingdom Come" life. Praise God for His EVERY day miricales!! AwEsOmE!