Sunday, December 18, 2005

Good News!

Well I had some good news today. My good friend and roomate Justin was offered a great job back home in S. Carolina where all of his family is. What makes it even better is that his girlfriend Rachael has decided to go as well (I believe the girlfriend status will change within the year). I'm really excited for them. Justin gets his cake and can eat it too. It's always awesome to see God work things out like this.

Unfortunately that means that my good friend and roomate will be moving home soon, but will come back evey 2 weeks to see Rachael until she can move out in April. So I'll have his half of the rent payed through March, but will need a roomate who can afford around $350-$375 a month as our lease doesn't run out until September. A lot of things are changing quickly around me.

It's funny how in hindsight I loved the fact that Kenya was so unpredictable and you never knew what life was going to hit you with next. It kept me relying on God for everything, and now I find myself in a similar situation stateside. I'm going to need a roomate soon this much I know. I'm also a little picky on who I live with. Ultimately the Lord has a plan behind all of this, and will provide for me, and will bless and take care of Justin and Rachael.

Lord, thank You for Your faithfullness to us. You've been so good, and You are always working in our lives to make us more like you. May this stage in my life bring me closer to you.


Sheeztrue said...

Good Word David. Lord I ask that you bring just the right person to be David's roomate... show yourself faithful, we wait on you. Bless Rachel and Justin as they move forward.

Sheeztrue said...

David go to Micah's Blog! Chrissy just updated and you should read it! Pass it on too, so others can keep them in prayer.

Love Mom

David Killough said...

been there already

Andre said...

wow that is really soon. David I have been out with the flu and Pneumonia. Pray for me. But more importantly pray for me spiritually. Thx.

friend said...

Your faithfulness is encouraging.

JC said...

Hey DAVID!! Hows Arizona?? I wish I was there right now becuase its kinda cold here and the cold isnt very fun to skateboard in (my hobby).

Well I hope the next few weeks and months are good to ya.

Always and forever ( Kip)

JC Griffith