Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Prayers Answered

The Joy of the LORD is my strength. When I am doing the work of the kingdom, I am living as I was meant to live. Life flows through my veins, my heart beats again, I breathe as though I had never breathed before, my mouth is not my own but a well spring of living water for the nations.

In my previous post I had asked God to give me opportunities at work and to make me more like him. I am humbled by how quickly He has opened my eyes, given me patience, love, and strength. Opportunities that were either not there before or merely unnoticed are now there in abundance. I've been blessed by God to tell people about Jesus and how He has changed me.

I was working with some mexican friends and they said that 5 yrs. from now I would see them walking and think "Pinche Mexicano". I told them that this would not be possible for me. He replied with "people change". I agreed, but then went on to tell him as we worked how when Jesus lives in you, and you realize who you are and who He is and what He has done for you and the world, that it is almost impossible to look at someone that way again. To say or think that would mean that I would be saying that about the very person who's image they are created in. That God should overlook them because they're not worthy but I somehow am. This thinking reeks of pride and will quickly lead to a severe humbling.

I've been giving my food and tools out freely not getting upset when people take things, realizing that God has blessed me soo much and that I am merely to be a channel through which He blesses other people. He has given me the life I have so that I may take this life and bless the nations. God is fulfilling the Abrahamic covenant through me this very moment. Guys I used to have little patience for, I'm now going out of my way to help. God is refining me.

God, I beg of You not to stop. Let me be as the woman who spent her life savings anointing your head with the perfume in the alabaster container. I know that as I treat others I treat You, let my life be the perfume that is poured out on those loved ones you died for who so desperately need the joy and hope that comes from knowing You. You were the great alabaster container and you broke yourself open to pour yourself out on the world so that as you died we would not have to. You've called me to love as You did, and to live as You did. To run the great race doing what You have planned for me. Give me the strength to continually say yes to You. Give me the grace to make it through the hardest time, I know the cost of following You. So break this clay jar open that the nations may come to know You.


Luke said...

Whoooooooeeeeee. That's hot stuff right there bro. Lord let it be. Pour out more and more of you onto David. I also ask that as he opens himself up, to share your love with others, that you would bless him beyond comprehension. Amen. Rock on Bro. Luke.

the worm said...

Solid! May God continue to bless you as you bless the nations.

Anonymous said...

I am with you both. The Lord is with you. He is making and molding you beautifully into his Image and it is wonderful to behold. Wow & YES Lord. Do as he asks and more.

Psalm 2:8 belongs to you David.

(don't have a password and such so I have to come on as other/annon)

But this is AYBFMA. (Big Hug)

David Killough said...

Thanks mom, there's this really kickin song based off of that scripture that I love to play, maybe I'll bring my guitar this Sunday.

Anonymous said...

Sounds Great! Hey David instead of bringing a desert can you bring a bunch of your famous Hummus?? That IS why I left the blender with you. < wink wink> ;D

Love Ma