Friday, February 11, 2005


My bro is home, WooHoo!!!! This kicks all kinds of things. I am Super Stoked. Also got my AR10 seriously tricked out. It is looking sweet, I just hope I can do with it what I want, cost me enough.

More will come, going to my folks house to crush Luke with a hug.

p.s. Enjoy life and time with family, you'll never know how much you'll miss it when it's gone.


pdog said...

hey david,
that's awesome!!!

Is he just "on vacation" or is he back for good?

In case he is on vacation, tell him he has to be in AZ in August!!!


David Killough said...

He only came back to test for Tempe fire. He passed his test and will be coming down for a week and a half or something like that to study for his oral board with some fire buddies and then take it. I think he stands a good chance of getting on this year. I told him that you were coming down in Aug. Hope he can be here.