Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Davidic covenant

Ok, so there is no Davidic covenant. Atleast not to this David. None the less I like to think that a vision my mom had some time ago is sort of a promise of things to come. The vision was simple yet intriguing, she saw me with my wife and kids. Never saw who my wife was, only the back of her head. Interesting.

As I get older I the thought of marriage runs through my mind more often, probably because nearly all of my friends are either married or soon to be. I'm one of very few hold outs. Never had a girlfriend (by choice) and avoided the whole dating thing like the plague. However in light of this vision I see hope. Sometimes I get a little over zealous and I take a simple kind gesture or friendly chat with a attractive young lady and read more into it than there is. I kind of see myself relating to Abraham in this sense. God promised him a son. He didn't say when, just that he would have one and would be the father of many nations. Now Abraham believed God, but was under the impression that God would give them a child under natural circumstances. They would have a son within child bearing age. As Abraham and Sarah aged, they decided that God must have meant that they would have a child through a maidservant and raise it as their own. So Sarah gave Hagar to Abraham and she gave birth to a baby boy. It is important to take note that this was a practice that was completely acceptable during that time. Families stayed together most of their lives so it was important to have a male descendant to pass on the inheritance to. If a male child could not be conceived, a back up plan was to use a maidservant. This was the wisdom of the world. God would not have any of that. He told Abraham that Hagar's son was not the one who the promise would carry through. Instead God waited until it was physically impossible for them to have children and then He supernaturally intervened and gave them a son who's name was Isaac.

Now the question is, what is this leading up to? Well, the wisdom of the world would suggest that I seek out this future woman that God has for me. That I should date or go with friends with the intent of trying to "hook up", but God doesn't use the wisdom of this world. He doesn't do things the natural way, for He Himself is not natural, but supernatural. He will use natural things to bring about a supernatural experience, but that is tangent in which I may explore later. In Abraham's case they tried things the culturally relevant way and ended up have a serious effect on the course of history. Hagar's son would also become the father of many great princes which in modern times would be the anti Semitic Arabic nations surrounding Israel. If this is what happens when we try to fulfill God's promises by human means, then I want none of it. I don't know when God will show me this person, but I trust that His timing is perfect. It's still hard to wait especially when there are so many great women of God out there, but every time I see them I take heart in the knowledge that if they are great, but not for me, how much greater will the one that God has for me be. Someone once said, the enemy of best is good. Never settle for 2nd best when you can have the very best.

Lord I trust in You and You alone. Your timing is the right timing and Your ways are higher then mine and the ways of this world. Even though I do not fully understand why You do things the way You do, I take heart in knowing that everything that I go through is something that You will use to mold me and form me into who You want me to be. You said through Paul that everything works out for the good of those who love You through Christ Jesus. I believe that, and am waiting on You. Help me not to look around me and become discontent with where I am in life and where You have me, but to be glad in all circumstances and to recognize the reasons why I am where I am. Speak to me and reveal Your heart in me.


Anonymous said...

I see more and more wisdom and revelation being poured out on you. I see the Lord's Grace being given to you to walk where he has called you. I see him sanding off the rough edges to make you look more like his Son. Close his eyes to females, till you present him with The One Lord. Help him to guard his heart in wisdom. Bless him in all things he does because he trusts in You Lord.
Open the heavens in dreams and understanding of dreams and visions. Pour our the supernatural on him and the spirit of humility with it. Let him walk with arms wide open to the Spirit of God filling him and resting on him. May he bear MUCH FRUIT in deeds and souls.
Implant in him the heart of an intercessor.
Thank you Lord.

Luke said...

Great post bro. Amen to that prayer too. Love you man, hope to see you soon.

friend said...

Trust and Obey for there is no other way to be happyin Jesus but to trust and obey.

Trust him with your waiting.
Trust him with your going.
Trust him with your plan making.
And trust him in looking around for girls.

You are a man. You trust God and you make moves.

Lonnie said...


I will be looking forward to what God has in store for you in regards to marriage. Until then I will pray that God will bless you with all of the qualities in a good husband and father. That He will guide you down the paths that lead to your being molded and conformed to His image. I know the blessing of marriage (16 years last Friday) and the blessing of children (4 of them) but beyond that I know that without a strong grounded trust in God... I simply wouldn't be able to do it.
I simply love your attitude and disposition... you are an inspiring example of what God can do.

I love you, man!
The Commander

Anonymous said...

Hey bro. Just wanted to say that I love you. Let me know how things are going at work and with the roomie and all. Later man.