Thursday, August 26, 2004

A Most Excellent Blog

Trust me on this one. My friend Joel has put out his own little 5 part blog on Perseverance and it is really good. I would encourage anyone and everyone to read it. Joel has an incredible way with words and many of his songs have touched me deeply. Check his site out at I'm sure you'll enjoy it.


Peter J. said...
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Peter J. said...

I guess I must have clicked where I shouldn't have and lost my comment. Well, I'll try it again.

I was interested in the year-long trip you did in Kenya. My family and I are considering a similar mission trip to the Dominican Republic to help with the Haitian refugees. How were you able to help? Where there any surprises that you didn't expect? Would you do it again? How has it changed you? Would you make this kind of trip with young children?

I wouldn't mind reading a bit more about your adventure.