Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Answer to prayer

I finally found a roommate. Fortunately he's alive, and he's a really cool guy. Goes to my college group. He has a townhouse a few miles from where I live and his roommate just moved out. The place is fully furnished with some really sweet stuff. I'm just going to have to buy a bed, bookshelf and a few other things for my room. All the furnishing stuff stays at my folks house because it's theirs. I'm really looking forward to moving out at the end of August. It's going to be a new and exciting adventure.

I'm really looking forward to this thursday as well. Andre, Gabe and I are going to Huntington Beach to go surfing for a couple of days and we're also going to go to Six Flags as well. A little before school starts fun.

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Anonymous said...

We are very excited about your new adventure life is full of them, yet you know we will miss you. So don't think you don't have to stop by when we are home, because you DO!!!! ;D We LOVE YOU!!!

Your Biggest Fan, hmmmm.....wonder who that could be??