Friday, August 05, 2005

Love and Talk

A saying I've said frequently is that people will talk about the things they love more than anything else. Whether this is a David Killough original or I heard it somewhere I don't know. What I do know is that it is incredibly hard to not talk about something or someone you love.

Recently I experienced this first hand and it made me physically sick. It's so much easier to do what what would make one's self feel better, but to operate in someone else's best interest and put yourself aside is very hard.

Jesus said that "Greater love has no man than he would lay down his life for another". Now Christ was referring to Himself in this passage and was forshadowing what would happen to Him. However I disagree with a common interpretation of this text that dying for someone is what Jesus is talking about. I think that's only part of it. To live for someone, and not for yourself is far more difficult. That's what Jesus did, and what I've recently learned is very hard to do. Nonetheless, this is something I want to do.

To invest in someone knowing that there may be no short term benefits, but in the end, you may have a very good friend who you can love and trust.

So I will hold fast to this difficult path I've chosen and continue to invest myself into another and be a friend.
However I cannot do this alone. It almost tore me to pieces a day or so ago. Lord I need Your help. Please give me wisdom in abundance and help me to be more like You in everything I say and do. Give me perspective through the people you've placed in my life and help me to not operate out of my own self interest. I love You Jesus, guide me and lead me.


Anonymous said...

Good post David.

Love Ma

Ben said...

David - glad to hear you talking here since i haven't seen ya in so long. Blessings.

Sojourner said...


I can relate so well to your post...the ache that has been in my heart over the past few weeks for a friend of mine and the new direction the Lord has called us in. Towards the end of July the Lord gave me that verse and He reminds me almost daily that there is no greater love than to lay down my life for this friend.

By the way...Happy Belated Birthday!!!!


David Killough said...


WOW! It's so good to hear from you! It's been way to long. I'm glad to hear that God is showing you these things. However, as I'm sure you know that doesn't make things any easier. Blessings on you and your friend. Don't be a stranger!

Sojourner said...

You are right, it doesn't necessarily make it any easier emotionally, but His gentle reminders encourage me to be strong.

It has been too long...I don't plan to be a stranger any longer. You all know where to find me now...blogging is pretty cool :)

DrLeah said...

Hi David! It's Leah! I can't tell you how relavent that post was to me. Thanks, it reminded me why I am doing what I am doing. It's a really long story, but thanks.